Ping Anser Adjustable - Fitting at a New Level




 Pre-order the new Anser driver today at 866-241-9687.

Ping is already the leader in fitted irons, with the most used and probably most respected fitting system in the golf industry. Ping tried a type a fitting system with woods a few years ago, about the time replaceable sole weights became popular, but it never caught on. Maybe that's why the company avoided jumping on the band wagon of adjustable weights and hosels.

The adjustable hosel is here to stay and Ping has finally adopted it for the new Anser driver and fairway wood line for 2013 with the expectation that this feature will make a great line of woods even better. The new hosel sleeve is slim, efficient and adjusts the clubface open or closed by 1/2°

From Ping's website:

Trajectory Tuning Technology allows you to hone in your launch angle and spin rate to increase distance. When adding loft, the face angle closes slightly; when subtracting, the face angle opens slightly. However, Ping's Trajectory Tuning Technology minimizes face-angle effects. This lets you fine-tune the height of your trajectory by changing loft before a round to suit the playing conditions, the weather, or changes in your swing. The body of the traditionally shaped 460cc head is centrifugally cast into a complex, variable-thickness geometry from Ti 8-1-1, a light, low-density alloy, which yields extra weight that is redistributed to increase MOI on both axes.

We'll have the new woods by August 16 so this is a good time to order what you want now.