Fujikura and Oban Shafts


imagebrowser imageKlees Golf Shop is a Fujikura Charter Dealer serving the south side region of Chicago.  Fujikura is a top shaft choice on the PGA and Asia Tours. Fujikura offers the best combination of specs and price for any golfer looking to improve his game. 

Klees Golf Shop is the Oban Shafts Dealer on Chicago's south side. oban.jpgThis Japanese manufacturer has a limited but superior quality line of shafts designed for the discriminating amateur and professional golfer alike.

Oban only sells through professional club fitters and we are proud to offer their Devotion and Kyoshi line of golf shafts.

Klees Golf carries a full selection of shafts for woods, hybrids and irons.  We have been shafting and reshafting clubs since 1910 and offer the Vector Pro Launch Monitor for a complete shaft fitting.