Good Looking Golfers Who Age Well

My oldest son subscribes to ESPN and the magazine comes to our house, although he no longer lives here. The Body Issue features Gary Player on the cover, more or less in the nude, and I was amazed at how good he looks - at 77 years old! no less. He's by far and away the oldest "body" in this issue, but maybe because I see so many older Baby Boomers (Charlie and I included) I found Gary Player to be really attractive.

In the July 19 issue of GolfWeek the wedge designer, Roger Callaway, is featured and he's another older golfer who has stayed in shape and looks terrific for someone nearly 80 (Roger Callaway is about the same age as my dad and looks so much like my father that I'm sending Dad this article. My father is in great shape, too.)

Bob Toski, Tom Watson and Hale Irwin are just some of the senior golf people who have made an effort to stay in shape after age 60 and their efforts have really paid off. I don't think this is a matter of money, although money helps. Rather, I think a bit of vanity and a commitment to being a good example are the major motivations for athletes to stay in shape well after their careers have peaked.

Gary Player's criticism of American obesity gets pretty harsh, but it is kind of sad that if I'm in any size group of people over the age of 30 it is rare than more than half are at a normal weight. Golf can be great exercise if you walk, and getting in shape to play golf is even better. Maybe ESPN put Gary Player on the cover to remind its readers (mostly men age 25 to 40) that great looking bodies are not limited to the young, and staying in shape takes more than an occasional visit to the gym.